Past Meetings

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ZOOM, Online202126 May - 27 May / 202126 May - 27 MayContribution by Counsellor Ahmed MANNA, Secretary General of the Egyptian House of Representatives, on “The role and organisation of parliaments in a time of pandemic”Download
Supplementary remarks by Mr Liam LAURENCE SMYTH, Clerk of Legislation of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, on “The gendered nature of the pandemic”Download
Contribution by Mrs Luvsandorj ULZIISAIKHAN, Secretary General of the State Great Hural of Mongolia, on “The role and organisation of parliaments in a time of pandemic”Download
Invitation letter by President Philippe SCHWABDownload
Contribution by Mrs Ruth DE WINDT, Secretary General of the National Assembly of Suriname, on “Adapting to better cope with Covid-19”Download
Invitation letter by the Co-SecretariesDownload
Speakers' List Application FormDownload
Orders of the dayDownload
Zoom EtiquetteDownload
ASGP Affiliation FormDownload
Guidance on key features for using ZoomDownload
Communication by Ms Baby Penelope TYAWA, Acting Secretary to Parliament of South Africa, on "Covid 19: The Parliamentary hybrid plenary uptake, and electronic voting challenges"Download
Communication by Mr Abdullah AL MASRY, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of Libya, on "Crisis Management (Pre-Crisis Stage)"Download
New MembersDownload
Attendance list 27 MayDownload
Contribution by Mr Manuel CAVERO, Secretary General of the Spanish Senate, on "Innovations in the Spanish Senate due to Covid-19: should they be maintained once the crisis is over?"Download
Contribución de Sr. Manuel CAVERO, Secretario general del senado español, sobre "Las innovaciones en el Senado de España debidas al Covid-19: ¿deben mantenerse una vez superada la crisis ?"Download
ZOOM, Online202125 Feb - 25 Feb / 202125 Feb - 25 FebContribution by Mr Osama AL ASFOOR, Secretary General of the Shura Council of Bahrain, on "Physical Adaptions made by Parliaments"Download
Contribution by Mr Rashed ABUNAJMA, Secretary General of the Council of Representatives of Bahrain, on “Adaptations to the exercise of constitutional duties by Parliaments”Download
Invitation letterDownload