Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
End Date: 
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Nusa Dua


Title File
Welcome and brief presentation on the parliamentary system in Indonesia by Dr Indra Iskandar, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of Indonesia Download
Communication by Mr Manesh TIWARI, Deputy Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha of India, on “Restructuring and Rebuilding of Parliamentary Buildings” Download
Procedure for Elections (March 2022) Download
Communication by Dr Remco NEHMELMAN, Secretary General of the Senate of the Netherlands, on “Constitutional conventions in the Dutch Parliament” Download
Communication by Mr Philippe SCHWAB, Secretary General of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland, on “International Soft Law and the role of Parliaments” Download
Communication by Mr Alexis WINTONIAK, Deputy Secretary General of the Austrian Parliament on ‘The overall renovation of the Austrian Parliament: a leap from the 19th to the 21st century’ Download
Communication by Mr John AZUMAH, Secretary General of the ECOWAS Parliament, on “Direct election of Members into ECOWAS Parliament” Download
Excursion Registration Form (Uluwatu) Download
Health protocol (revised 18.03.2022) Download
Elections substitution form (voting proxy) Download