Executive Committee Member

DITHAPO, Barbara Mrs

Clerk of the National Assembly of Botswana

Joined the ASGP in Spring 2007. Elected to the Executive Committee in March 2022.

Ms Dithapo is currently servicing as the Clerk of the National Assembly of Botswana, a position she held since October 2009. She has over 17 years of experience in facilitating legislative oversight and law making processes. She is experienced in governance, public participation, environmental management, performance management systems, eco-tourism and education. She is also a researcher focusing on participatory and socio-economic and conservation issues.

P.O. Box 240
Courriel: bdithapo@gov.bw
Fax: (267) 391 3103
Phone: (267) 361 6808
Website: www.parliament.gov.bw

Réunions à venir

23 Octobre 2023