KACZMARSKA, Agnieszka Ms.

Secretary General of the Sejm

Politician, local government activist, civil servant. Deputy Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm since February 2016; acting Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm since October 2016.In 2003, she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences, University of Warsaw, with a Master’s degree. In 1998-2001, she worked for the Third Term Sejm with the Solidarity Electoral Action parliamentary club.From 2005, throughout the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Term Sejm she held the position of Office Director at the Law and Justice parliamentary club.From 16 February 2016, she served as Deputy Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm; on 4 October 2016, she was appointed acting Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm.From 2002, she was a local councillor in the Targówek District of Warsaw, during fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh term of the District Council.She served as the Chairperson of the Law and Justice political group (2006-2014) and Vice-President of the District Council (2014-2016).In the 2014 local government election, she achieved the best election score of all district councillors. In October 2016, Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Marek Kuchciński appointed her as acting Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm. Consequently, she submitted her resignation as councillor. She is married and has two sons.

Kancelaria Sejmu RP
ul. Wiejska 4/6/8
Fax: +48 22 694 1863
Phone: +48 22 694 2167

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