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Next session of the ASGP

16 November 2018

  • The next session of the ASGP will be held in Doha (Qatar) from 7 to 10 April 2019. The excursion will be on Sunday 7 April and the session is scheduled from Monday 8 until Wednesday 10 April.
  • http://www.asgp.co/future-meetings


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IFLA conference - August 2014

22 July 2014

The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments will hold its 30th annual pre-conference from 12 to 14 August 2014 in Paris. It will be hosted by and co-organised with the French Assemblée Nationale. Information on the pre-conference will be accessible through http://www.ifla.org/services-for-parliaments/conferences and on the pre-conference website http://preifla2014.assemblee-nationale.fr

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World e-Parliament Conference 2014 - updates to information

16 April 2014

Here is some more information on the World e-Parliament Conference, which will take place in Seoul (Republic of Korea) on 8-10 May 2014.

Annotated agenda

The annotated agenda is now online, with a description of each session at the conference: http://www.ipu.org/splz-e/eparl14/annotated-agenda.pdf


More than 60 parliaments have already registered a delegation for the conference. If your parliament has not yet registered, please do so at the earliest opportunity. Online registration: http://tinyurl.com/wepc2014

All conference documents are available at http://www.ipu.org/splz-e/eparl14.htm

Please contact the IPU Secretariat for more information (Mr. Andy Richardson ar@ipu.org; Ms. Seonghee Jeong shj@ipu.org).

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Our new members

The following new members were recently admitted:
Secrétaire général de l'Assembée Nationale du Cameroun
Clerk of the Senate of Lesotho
Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament of Timor Leste
Secretary General of the Upper House (Meshrano Jirga)
Secrétaire générale administratif adjointe
Secretary General of the National Assembly of Ecuador

Upcoming Meetings

07 April 2019